ChatRep Engage

ChatRep’s relationship-first personal finance platform builds long-term relationships of trust with consumers through personalised interactions.

ChatRep Engage identifies and creates opportunities to engage your customers with interactions they care about, but we never stop there – by optimizing and presonalizing when and how we communicate with consumers, you gain their trust and favor and become their go-to for financial consumption.

  • Improve retention and engagement in digital channels
  • Increase bank application Net Promoter Score
  • Lower retail banking costs

ChatRep Smart Agent

Selling financial services is not like selling books. With our automatic sales representative you can provide an old fashioned, human-like sales experience with the convenience of digital channels – and at the same cost.

  • Improve conversion rates on digital channels
  • Free up representatives from time consuming document collection activities so they can engage in more complex sales and advisory activities
  • Improve user experience and increase service availability from working hours to 24/7

Our Technology

We believe that the key to building a relationship is superior communication.

We identify interactions the user cares about, behaviorally adapting to when, what and how they prefer to communicate. Our unique conversational agents hold long, personalized, nuanced conversations, building relationships and providing a human-like sales experience.

We have designed and iterated the product with thousands of actual consumers. This is what they think of it:

  • 4.8 Google Play rating based on thousands of reviews
  • 1.8 average weekly engagements per user
  • Off the charts retention and conversion rates

Can our solutions help you achieve your engagement or sales goals?